OUR TOWN – Auditions – 9/9 & 9/10 at 7pm

Our Town
Written by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Matt Andrews

Performances: November 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 2018

Auditions: Sunday, September 9 and Monday, September 10, 2018 (at 7PM)

Our Town transports us to Grover’s Corners, a small New England town of dreams and disappointments, loves and losses, where the people are eerily like the ones in our own lives. Our Town illuminates the powerful bonds that hold communities together through everyday life and in moments of crisis, as it follows the romance of George Gibbs and Emily Webb into one of the most famous scenes in the American theatre.

“No American play describes more powerfully how we imagine ourselves.”
~ New York Daily News

Auditions will consist of readings from the script:

  • Actors: 1 Scene Cutting for Open Auditions. Additional readings will
  • No preparation is required, however actors are encouraged to be
    familiar with a posted cutting in advance (and the play), especially
    those interested in principle roles.
  • Actors can choose any scene cutting for their first reading. Actors
    will be considered for all parts and not just the character read at
    open auditions. These scene samplings represent the principle
    roles only.
  • Actors may partner up in advance to practice a cutting and then
    audition together and/or partners will be assigned at open call.

Casting: 23 actors of all ages, types and ethnicities.
11-13 Men (flexible), 10-12 Women (flexible)

Rehearsals: Sundays (6pm), Mondays (6:45pm), Wednesdays (6:45pm) and most
Thursdays (6:45pm). First rehearsal is Weds Sept. 12.

Performances: Nov. 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, and Nov. 18 is extra/alternate performance

Contact: Matt Andrews, Director: matt.andrews@marist.edu; 845-705-4550.

Show Information: Our Town is a 1938 three-act play by American playwright
Thornton Wilder. Funny, bittersweet and dry, it tells the story of the fictional American
small town of Grovers Corners, New Hampshire between 1901 and 1913 through the
everyday lives of its ordinary citizens. Wilder sets the play in the actual theatre where it
is being performed and the play is performed through a contemporary acting lens with
minimal set, live sound effects and modern clothing. Our production celebrates the 80th
anniversary of its debut!

Character Breakdown: All characters are open to all ethnicities and a wide range of

Principle Characters:
Stage Manager: (35-80, male or female) A commentator and guide through Grover’s
Corners. He/she joins in the action of the play periodically.

Emily Webb: (16-28) we follow her from a precocious young girl through her wedding to
George Gibbs and her early death.

George Gibbs: (16-28) the boy next door, a kind but irresponsible teenager who matures
over time and becomes a responsible husband and father.

Dr. Gibbs: (35-55) George’s father, the town doctor. Stern and respected.

Mrs. Gibbs: (35-55) George’s mother. She dreams of going to Paris but doesn’t get

Mr. Webb: (35-55) Emily’s father, editor of the Grover’s Corners Sentinel, kind and

Mrs. Webb: (35-55) Emily’s mother. Serious, crisp.

Supporting Characters:
Rebecca Gibbs: (12-16 but can be played by an adult) George’s younger sister.

Wally Webb: (12-16 but can be played by an adult) Emily’s younger brother.

Joe Crowell: (12-16 but can be played by an adult and either gender) local paperboy.

Si Crowell: (12-16 but can be played by an adult and either gender) local paperboy.

Simon Stimson: (25-45) the choir director and church organist. A bitter and cynical

Howie Newsome: (25-45) the milkman, a fixture of Grover’s Corners.

Professor Willard: (40’s-70, either gender) a long-winded lecturer, choir member and
graveyard resident.

Mrs. Soames: (35-55) a gossipy townswoman, member of choir, graveyard resident.

Constable Bill Warren: (40-70) the policeman.

Sam Craig: (25-35) a nephew of Mrs. Gibbs who comes back into town for Emily’s

Joe Stoddard: (50-70) the undertaker, Choir member.

Mr. Carter: (any age) concerned citizen, choir member, grave yard resident.

Mrs. Newsome: (25-45) Howie’s wife, choir member, wedding guest.

Mrs. Carter: (any age) Citizen, choir member and graveyard resident.

Mrs. Crowell: (any age). Citizen, wedding guest and graveyard resident.

Mrs. Huckins: (any age). Church organist.

Our Town Audition Scenes for download.