Directed by Christine Crawfis
Sunday, January 21 at 7 p.m.
Monday, January 22 at 7 p.m.

Performance Dates: May 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 2018

One of the best musical comedies of all time. Guys and Dolls features one of the greatest scores ever written by the legendary Frank Loesser, masterfully witty book and lyrics by Joe Swerling and comedy legend Abe Burrows, and those glorious Damon Runyon characters who have become classics in the world of musical theatre. The plot involves the unlikeliest of romantic pairings: a high rolling gambler and a save-your-soul missionary, a showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap game manager who is anything but. Place your bet on love conquering all in this hilarious classic that defined Broadway’s Golden Age.

When Damon Runyon wrote his “Broadway Stories” in 1938, (later to become Guys and Dolls), he was able to perfectly capture the variety of characters that inhabited a fast paced, hand to mouth, rough and tumble New York City of the 1930’s. The characters in Guys and Dolls are hip, wise, funny and above all individuals. These people have their own idiosyncratic ‘Runyonesque’ language and wise cracks. We are looking for realistic characters (not caricatures); we are looking for actors who really light up the stage. We want a variety of ages and body types. Comic timing is everything.

Sky Masterson: Male. Baritone B to Eb. Playing age 30 – 45.
Charismatic, cool and self-assured. A gambler. Sky is able to adapt to any situation. Despite his failings, Sky is immensely likeable and oozes style. Some dance/movement ability would be useful (though not essential).

Songs: I’ll Know, My Time of Day, I’ve Never Been, Luck be a Lady, The Happy Ending

Sarah Brown: Female. Soprano to High A. Playing age 30 – 40.
Conventional, respectable and principled. An idealistic but sheltered missionary, Sarah is kind-hearted and she learns she has an adventurous side over the course of the show. Must feel comfortable with classic musical theatre singing as well as jazz.

Songs: Follow the Fold, I’ll Know, If I Were a Bell, I’ve Never Been, Marry the Man Today, The Happy Ending

Nathan Detroit: Male. Baritone to High F. Playing age 35 – 55.
A humorous manipulator, Nathan is the facilitator of illegal gambling in town. He maintains a distance by acting only as a broker, seldom a gambler. A consummate businessman with divided loyalties; he pacifies his fiancé Adelaide with vague promises of a marriage ‘some time’ in the future. A comic role.

Songs: The Oldest Established, Sue Me, The Happy Ending

Adelaide: Female. Mezzo to A. Playing age 35 to 40s.
Adelaide is a strong comedian’s role; the classic show girl. A club singer and Nathan’s long-suffering fiancée, Adelaide is not always the brightest. Weary of the disruption Nathan’s involvement in gambling, she longs for quiet family life away from New York.

Songs: Bushel and a Peck, Adelaide’s Lament, Take Back Your Mink, Adelaide’s 2nd Lament, Sue Me, Marry the Man Today, The Happy Ending

Nicely Nicely Johnson: Male. Tenor to high B flat. Playing age 30 to 55.

Best pal to Nathan Detroit. With a voracious appetite and boundless enthusiasm, Nicely is ‘nice’ by nature and name. Comic, cheerful and likeable he delivers hilarious one-liners and one of the most well known numbers in the show, Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.

Songs: Fugue for Tinhorns, The Oldest Established, Guy and Dolls, Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat, The Happy Ending

Benny Southstreet: Male. Baritone. 25 – 55
Nicley’s pal with whom he sings the duet Guys & Dolls and trio Fugue for Tinhorns. Upbeat, sometimes nervy, he is more of a novice in the gangster business.

Songs: Fugue for Tinhorns, The Oldest Established, Guys and Doll, The Happy Ending

Harry the Horse: Male. 25 – 55
Another gangster. Has come into money by collecting the reward on his father (!). Side kick and mouthpiece to Big Jule, so, though a pleasant rogue, is more on the ball and can be a cool customer who is able to stand his ground when necessary. Sings with ensemble but not alone.

Big Jule: Male. Mainly a speaking role. Playing age 40+.
Powerful, intimidating, high status gangster from out of town, whose reputation precedes him. A man of few words but much clout. Usually played by an actor of large height and stature to match his name, but can be played a diminutive actor as an ironic and comic gesture. Sings with ensemble but not alone.

Arvide Abernathy: Male. Baritone. Playing age 60+
A member of the Save-a-Soul mission, Arvide is Sarah’s grandfather. He is a wise old man with a warm heart that harbors only the kindest intentions, even if he tends to be a little gullible.

Songs: Follow the Fold, More I Cannot Wish You, The Happy Ending

Rusty Charlie: Male. Baritone 20s and above.

Member of Gangster ensemble. Sings the opening trio Fugue for Tinhorns with Nicely & Benny; also The Happy Ending

Lt. Brannigan: Male. Non-singing role. Playing age 35+.
Member of the local police force, wise to the gangsters’ exploits and trying to keep them in order. Commands respect from Nathan and the guys. This is primarily an acting role.

General Matilda B. Cartwright: Female mezzo 40 – 65
Regional representative of the Salavation Army. Powerful, matronly, no-nonsense with a formidable presence and, it transpires, a sense of humor. She cuts loose in Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat.

Hot Box Girls female 20 – 35 chorus/ensemble
8 females will make up this chorus of performers who back-up Adelaide in her night club act. Dancing, singing and character performance required. They perform 2 numbers with Adelaide – one of which involves stripping down to a corset and stockings. They will double into other aspects of the female ensemble.

Songs: Bushel and a Peck, Take Back Your Mink, The Happy Ending

Male & female dancers: Strong male and female dancers will be featured in the Havana Sequence and male dancers in the Crapshooters Dance. They will all double into the ensemble.

Ensemble: The ensemble make up the characters of Times Square, gangsters and their molls, Salvation Army personnel and other cameos. We are looking for strong performers who can create individual, well-drawn characters.

Songs: Follow the Fold, Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat, The Happy Ending

Other minor roles (including Joey Biltmore, Agatha, Angie the Ox, Liver Lips Louie, Waiter etc.) will be cast from the ensemble.