Auditions for AMADEUS – 10/16 & 10/17 at 7pm

Amadeus-191x259By Peter Shaffer
Directed by Christine Crawfis
Sunday, October 16 at 7 p.m.
Monday, October 17 at 7 p.m.

Performance dates – February 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 2017

Swelling with the glorious music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this psychological mystery has played to thunderous applause the world over. The New York Post raved that its Broadway premiere was “a total, iridescent triumph.” Vienna, 1781: the city of drama, intrigue and scandal is abuzz with the arrival of a young Mozart, who can write an opera a week but can’t control his exuberant giggling and notorious libido. Antonio Salieri—until now the royal court’s most lauded musician—recognizes Mozart’s genius, calling him “God’s magic flute.” Pious, wicked, and soon-to-be guilt-ridden, Salieri tries everything to subvert the success of this enfant terrible. Will that include murder?
Winner of a Tony Award for Best Play, the Academy Award for Best Film, and triumphant in recent revivals in London and on Broadway, Amadeus weaves a confrontation between mediocrity and genius into a tale of breathtaking dramatic power This theatrical masterpiece, filled with some of the greatest music ever composed, will be a thrilling start to the New Year!

12 m, 3 f (some roles may double)

Character Breakdown:

ANTONIO SALIERI plays ages 35 – 77 in the play. Italian composer and musician in the court of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II. He is proud, proper, restrained, ambitious. He has spent his life doing what is expected of him, and he wants the reward of being a magnificent composer, but his talent fails him. He is deeply and corruptingly jealous of Mozart.

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART plays ages 25 – 35 in the play

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. Silly, passionate, absurd, and a genius composer, he comes to the court of Joseph II at the age of 25, and his reputation precedes him. His impolitic, frantic, mocking behavior makes enemies of the courtiers around him, and he and his family suffer from poverty and indignity. He is crude and brilliant.

CONSTANZE WEBER Mozart’s wife. She is lower class, out of her depth at court, but principled and loves Mozart. She can be silly with him, but also admires his talent. She is shrewd when she needs to be.

JOSEPH II The Emperor of Austria. His every opinion is supported and magnified by those around him. He is never challenged or questioned. He is a fundamentally uninteresting man made fascinating by his position.

These three men are in the Emperor’s inner circle. They are extremely skilled in the art of politics; they are wealthy, and they are knowledgeable. They are unused to making mistakes, or to admitting to making them. They hold themselves carefully, as if their power were a fragile thing.

THE VENTICELLI These two are Salieri’s spies—they are everywhere and bring him all the news and gossip. They blend in with everyone everywhere. They function as a chorus in the play.

KATHARINA  A beautiful singer, Salieri’s student, who performs for Mozart. She should be young and lovely, and the actor does not need to be able to sing. (Non-speaking role).

TERESA SALIERI A solemn woman, she supports her husband but does not understand his music or his ambition. (Non-speaking role.)

The cast will also feature a number of Citizens of Vienna. These actors will play a number of non-speaking roles (Salieri’s valet, cook, wife, a priest, Giuseppe Bono, citizens of Vienna and servants.) These parts will create an ensemble and chorus that together drive the action of the play.

Those auditioning may wish to prepare a classical (dramatic or comedic) monologue no longer than 2 minutes. Everyone will be asked to read from the script.

For more information, please contact director Christine Crawfis (