AUDITIONS – NATIVE GARDENS – 4/24 & 4/25 at 7pm

COVID AUDITION PROTOCOL: At this time, ALL ACTORS AND CREW MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED. PLEASE WEAR A MASK AND BE PREPARED TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO AUDITIONS. The stage manager will provide the audition form (or you may download it from this page, print, fill it out, and bring it with you to the audition.)

SCHEDULE: Be prepared to list all possible conflicts. Rehearsal schedule will be respectful of performers’ time and conflicts. Please note, due to Covid restrictions, fully vaccinated actors planning to audition are asked to carefully consider travel out of state during rehearsals or performances.  County Players will follow current CDC guidelines for domestic and international travel restrictions for Fully Vaccinated individuals.  Note: There are separate sections for both domestic and international travel which are updated as Covid-19 levels fluctuate.

Once inside the theatre, you may be unmasked (if fully vaccinated) and/or to read for the audition.

SUN APR 24 | 7pm
MON APR 25 | 7pm

Performance Dates
JULY 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23

It’s true. You can’t choose your neighbors. In this brilliant comedy, cultures and gardens clash, turning well-intentioned neighbors into feuding enemies. Pablo, a rising attorney, and Tania, his pregnant wife, have purchased a home next to Frank and Virginia, a well-established D.C. couple with a prize-worthy English garden. An impending barbeque and a disagreement over a fence line soon spiral into an all-out border dispute.

TANIA DEL VALLE – (Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Latino / Hispanic, White ) late 20’s mid 30’s; American, smart, likable, positive, passionate, highly-energized, pregnant Ph.D. candidate and gardener. Her family is Mexican American and she grew up in New Mexico.

PABLO DEL VALLE (Latino / Hispanic, White)  late 20’s mid 30’s; Chilean but educated in the United States; smart, likable, ambitious, savvy young attorney. He is from a wealthy family in Chile and went to boarding school in the US.

VIRGINIA BUTLEY (White / European Descent) – sixty to mid–70’s – A no-nonsense engineer. She is assertive and fiercely protective. White.

FRANK BUTLEY (White / European Descent) 60 to mid–70’s – A caring, gentle, and detail-oriented federal employee and avid gardener. White.

Ensemble Roles: 3-4 non speaking roles that create a vibrant ensemble of land surveyors, contractors, and landscapers. These actors should be strong movers, expressive, and adept at physical comedy. Silent roles in vignettes between scenes that transform the garden. “They are the witnesses and the energetic transformers of both the play and the situation.”

Actors do not need to be the exact ages of the characters, but the ethnicity and race of the characters is important to the story.