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AUDITIONS – THE PRICE – 9/19 & 9/20 at 7pm

By Arthur Miller
Directed by James Steinmeyer

Auditions: Sunday September 19 (7pm) & Monday September 20 (7pm)

A play about the price of furniture. In the attic of a Manhattan brownstone, filled with sheet-draped furniture, piles of books, rolled up carpets, and an old Victrola, the lives of four people converge on one late afternoon and all are changed by the encounter. One of the most personal plays by the consummate voice of the American everyman, Arthur Miller’s The Priceis a riveting story about the struggle to make peace with the past and create hope for the future.

General Note:

This is very much “a Miller” piece.  It is long.  It is wordy.  It challenges the audience’s attention and belief system.  It ends 3 or 4 times, but then goes on.  However, it is also profound, timeless, gripping, painfully funny and personal.  So, this is an actor’s piece.  It will test your acting chops, your concentration, your love of work, and your belief in the value of great plays and playwrights.

It will most certainly challenge your memory!  Our rehearsal period is approximately 5 weeks plus production week. There are 93 pages and numerous long and emotional speeches.  You are going to have to devote your own time to extensive memorization and character work.  As David Mamet once said, “You do your homework at home, and come to rehearsal to act.”


Cast yourself in a role (or two).  Prepare one of the sides for the entire cast.

Also, prepare 2 sides in which your character appears from the list provided.

Finally, prepare one of the speeches listed for your character. There is no expectation of memorization.

All sides are from the Dramatist Play Service acting script which will be provided at auditions.



Victor Franz – Age: 50 – 55; Playable range: 45 – 60

Esther Franz – Age 50; Playable range: 45 – 55

Gregory Solomon – Age: 85 – 90; Playable range: 60 – infinity

Walter Franz – Age 55 – 60; Playable range: 50 – 60


Sergeant Victor Franz:  A 50 year old, 28 year veteran of the NYPD, nearing and considering retirement is a life-long resident of NYC, married to Esther. They have raised successfully one son Richard,  who is attending MIT.  As a teenager Victor was a good student, particularly adept at the sciences while in high school.

Dr. Walter Franz: A surgeon, 55 to 60 years old, Walter had a highly successful medical practice and marriage and family life. He was financially secure, in fact, well-to-do, and quite the entrepreneur, owning 3 nursing homes.   He had chosen to enter society’s competitive game and played well.  So well, that he drove his wife to divorce, alienated his daughter, and confined himself to a hospital for almost two years during which time he asked himself who he had been and who he wanted to be.

Esther Franz: Esther is Victor’s wife of 25 years.  She is something of Victor’s opposite; that is, while Victor is reserved, solitary, and protective of his emotions and personal business, she is outgoing, more interested in the variety that life offers, and a bit of a spend thrift. She takes pride in her wardrobe and has cared for her appearance making her seem a “young” 50. Though not an obvious alcoholic, she is a drinker.  In fact, there is an allusion to her having stopped to have a drink with a doctor “friend”, an event that may have occurred more than once.

Gregory Solomon: Solomon is a 90 year old registered furniture appraiser who seems to have written the book on estate buying and selling but whose time has come and gone.  However, just as his Biblical namesake, Solomon has accumulated a great deal of wisdom in the course of his lifetime.



Entire Cast: p. 53 Walter, “Well, that was a good deed Mister Solomon –“  to p. 55 Walter, “Well? What do you say?”

Entire Cast: p. 55 Solomon, “What can I say?  It’s ridiculous.” to p. 58. Walter, “You all right?”

Scene Selection

Victor: Bottom of p. 8 “That was mine.” to Esther: p. 12. She lights a cigarette

Esther: middle of 12, “I have an idea.” to Esther: bottom of 14, “Well for one thing it might help…”

Esther: p. 65. “Why can’t you take him…” to p. 67 Esther: “If you’re stuck it doesn’t mean I have to be.”

Walter: p. 67. “We don’t understand each other do we?” to Victor: p. 69. “I had no idea.”

Victor: p. 88 “You mean if I had a few dollars left that…? to Esther: p.89 “We are dying.  “That’s what’s true!”

Solomon: p. 24 “I like her, she’s suspicious.” to Victor: p. 28 bottom “I said I’d get you a statement.”

Victor: p. 35. Top “Well, all right” to  Solomon – Victor: bottom of 38, “You’re a hell of a guy”

Esther: p. 62 “Would it be costing you anything?” (and Victor) to  Walter: p. 63 top, “Victor? If it started to rain….”

Walter: p. 75 bottom. “You’re not serious?” to Victor:  p. 78 “What truth? What are you…?  Solomon’s entrance

Walter: p. 80 “No, no, I …I could have?” to Victor: p. 83 “We don’t need to be saved.”

Walter: p.93 “Because it’s unreal, Vic” to Esther: p. 94 “Leave him, Walter, please.  Don’t say any more.”



Solomon:  p. 41, “It was …1915-“to “You see, you can’t imagine it.

Victor: p.41 Bottom. “Oh, ya, shed’s a terrific woman – “ to p. 42. “And things like that are eating her out…”

Victor: p. 42. “That’s not really the problem –“  to “there was an idea we had that…”

Victor: p. 42 bottom. “Nothing, I’m all for it –“to p. 43 “Why not?”

Victor: p. 90. “He laughed.  to “How could he be holding out on me when he loved me?”

Victor: p. 90 “What does that change – “ to p. 91 “if he could see that somebody was still on his side.”

Walter: p. 69. “Vic I wish we could talk” to p. 70 “getting ready to kill my wife.”

Walter: p.71. “You wanted a real life-“ to my ambition – for thirty years.”

Walter: P. 92. “Vic, I’ve been in this box.” to p. 93 “Do you ever feel that, Vic?”

Esther: p. 95 “No, it’s wonderful” to p.96 “…so foolish.”

PRELUDE TO A KISS opens this Friday at 8pm!

By Craig Lucas
Directed by Christine Crawfis

Friday, September 10, 17, 24 (8pm)
Saturday, September 11, 18, 25 (8pm)
Sunday, September 19 (2pm)
Saturday, September 25 (2pm)

When Peter, a man from a broken family, meets Rita, an insomniac bartender with no faith in the future, only one thing can happen: they fall in love and get married. Then, on the evening of their nuptials, an elderly stranger appears at the wedding reception, bearing a kiss for the new bride. In this magical story, it is a kiss that tests the boundaries of the couple’s love.

A not-so-old fashioned love story. A whirlwind romance. A storybook wedding. A kiss for the bride that suddenly changes everything. Prelude explores the enduring power of love and the nature of commitment in this breathtaking and life-affirming comedy.




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CP2 Mini Festival Auditions – August 29

CP2 MiniFestival Auditions

CP2 Readers Theatre offers an exciting opportunity for actors, directors, and audience members to experience theater in a fresh way, with full dramatic readings of selected plays. No costumes, no sets, no props, and the actors perform with scripts in hand. These shows are an incredible opportunity to experience great theater stripped to its essence: the playwright’s words.

CP2 Audition Form

COVID AUDITION PROTOCOL: At this time, all actors must be Fully Vaccinated for Covid OR prepared to provide recent (72 hours) negative Covid tests on a regular basis. When you arrive for the audition, please be masked and prepared to show proof of vaccination OR a recent (72 hours) negative Covid test. The stage manager will provide the audition form (or you may download it from this page, print, fill it out, and bring it with you to the audition.)

SCHEDULE: Be prepared to list all possible conflicts. Rehearsal schedule will be respectful of performers’ time and conflicts. Please note, that due to Covid restrictions, actors planning to audition are asked not to travel out of state during rehearsals or performances. We thank you for your understanding.

Once inside the theatre, you may be unmasked (if fully vaccinated) and/or to read for the audition.

Auditions date – Sunday, August 29

Directed by Jeff Battersby

Casting two women and one man, playing characters who are all in their sixties (Your age does not need to match the ages of the characters, but it is likely that only actors over forty will be considered) and a Narrator (W) with no age requirement. All ethnicities and backgrounds encouraged to audition.

Narrator (W): Any age, able to create a sense of place with their delivery and voice.
Hazel (W): Nuclear Engineer, retired, married to Robin
Rose (W): Nuclear Engineer, retired, old friend of Hazel and Robin
Robin (M): Nuclear Engineer, retired, married to Rose


Auditions date – Sunday, August 29
3-5pm – A NUMBER

Directed by Louisa Vilardi

Synopsis: A Number by Caryl Churchill is a play, set in the near future, about the conflict between a father and his sons. This play explores the subject of human cloning and identity. Written as a two-hander, A Number examines free will, the dangers of artificial creation, and the question of nature versus nurture.

Seeking male actors for the following two roles:


Salter: a man in his early sixties who was married and had one son. His wife committed suicide by throwing herself under a train when their son was only two. He would raise their son alone, but due to his drinking and the son’s issues, he would neglect him and eventually send him away. He would then clone his son (Bernard 2) in an attempt to try again to be a better father. A pathological liar, he attempts to hide the truth of what he’s done from his sons.


Bernard (B1)*: His son, forty. First and original son of Salter. He was a difficult and disturbed child, who Salter sent away when he was 4. He would grow to have an explosive temper and hate Salter for what he did to him.

Bernard (B2)*: His son, thirty-five, intended clone of his first son, made to replace his original son, Bernard 1. He is very mild-mannered and emotional.

Michael Black*: His son, thirty-five. An unauthorized clone of Salter’s first son. He is married with three children, the oldest aged twelve, and is a mathematics teacher.

*all played by the same actor.


You may read from the script (hard copies will be provided), but please become familiar with the sides below.

Salter p50 – p52

B2 Monologue p43

Side p54 – p62


Two more weekends of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!

Two more weekends of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!
July 16, 17, 18, 23 & 24.
Photos by Louisa Vilardi Photography

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Kate Hamill OPENS Friday 7/9!

By Kate Hamill
Based on the novel by Jane Austen
Directed by Michael J. Frohnhoefer

Friday, July 9, 16, 23 (8pm), Friday,  (8pm)
Saturday, July 10, 17, 24 (8pm)
Saturday, July 24 (2pm), Sunday, July 18 (2pm)

This isn’t your grandmother’s Austen! Bold, surprising, boisterous, and timely, this Pride and Prejudice for a new era explores the absurdities and thrills of finding your perfect (or imperfect) match in life. Literature’s greatest tale of latent love has never felt so theatrical, or so full of life than it does in this effervescent adaptation.

Scan QR code or click image to view online program for “Pride and Prejudice”.



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