CP2 Readers Theatre Auditions – AUG 28 at 1pm & 3pm

CP2 MiniFestival Auditions

CP2 Readers Theatre offers an exciting opportunity for actors, directors, and audience members to experience theater in a fresh way, with full dramatic readings of selected plays. No costumes, no sets, no props, and the actors perform with scripts in hand. These shows are an incredible opportunity to experience great theater stripped to its essence: the playwright’s words.

COVID AUDITION PROTOCOL: At this time, ALL ACTORS AND CREW MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED. PLEASE WEAR A MASK AND BE PREPARED TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO AUDITIONS. The stage manager will provide the audition form (or you may download it from this page, print, fill it out, and bring it with you to the audition.)

SCHEDULE: Be prepared to list all possible conflicts. Rehearsal schedule will be respectful of performers’ time and conflicts. Please note, due to Covid restrictions, fully vaccinated actors planning to audition are asked to carefully consider travel out of state during rehearsals or performances. County Players will follow current CDC guidelines for domestic and international travel restrictions for Fully Vaccinated individuals. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html. Note: There are separate sections for both domestic and international travel which are updated as Covid-19 levels fluctuate. Once inside the theatre, you may be unmasked (if fully vaccinated) and/or to read for the audition.



SUN AUG 28 | 1pm

Performances: OCTOBER 7 & 8

Sherri is head of admissions at a New England prep school, fighting to diversify the student body. She and her headmaster husband have succeeded in bringing it into the 21st century.
When their only son sets his sights on an Ivy League university, personal ambition and progressive values collide, with convulsive results.

Sherri Rosen-Mason – Early to mid fifties, very liberal secular Jewish woman. Head of Admissions for Hillcrest.
Bill Mason – Early to mid fifties, very liberal WASP, Sherri’s husband. Head of the School at Hillcrest.
Charlie Luther Mason – Late teens (17+), Bill and Sherri’s son, a senior at Hillcrest.
Ginnie Peters – Fifties to sixties, very liberal WASP, stay-at-home mom; her son is Charlie’s best friend.
Roberta – Early seventies, white, works in development at Hillcrest.
The play takes place at Hillcrest, a second-tier, on-the-cusp-of-being-a-first-tier prep/boarding school in rural New Hampshire.
Cold readings from the script. Sides will be provided.

Directed by KIT COLBOURN
SUN AUG 28 | 3pm

Performances: OCTOBER 8 & 9

A black student visits her white professor during office hours to discuss her paper on the American Revolution. The polite review of her thesis explodes into a high stakes debate over race, history, power, and revolution.

Zoe Reed is an undergrad at a good liberal arts college. Female, black, 20 years old.
Janine Bosko is a college professor at the same college. Female, white, early 60’s.

From the author’s notes:

“Both of these women can be noble. Both of them can be charming. Both of them can be petulant, snotty, arrogant, overwhelmed and immature. Let them both be people. And resist the temptation to think of only one of them as a mouthpiece for the truth. When it comes to the facts of history, almost everything that both of the women say in this play is right.”
Cold readings from the script, sides provided here and at audition.
Feel free to contact Kit at kitcolbourn@gmail.com with any questions.
Zoe and Janine