Auditions – Laughter on the 23rd Floor

by Neil Simon
Directed by Michael Frohnhoefer

Sunday, June 26 at 7pm
Monday, June 27 at 7pm

Production Dates: September 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 2016

Neil Simon takes us back to the golden age of television, circa 1953, and behind the scenes of the hottest program on the air, The Max Prince Show. Simon’s side-splitting comedy follows the antics of the show’s star Max Prince, his on-going battles with the Network executives, and the writing, fighting, and wacky antics that take place in the writers’ room of his weekly variety show. The play was inspired by Simon’s real-life experiences while working on Sid Caesar’s hit television program, Your Show Of Shows.

All parts are open and the age indicators are guidelines not requirements. Listed below in order of appearance. Rehearsals will begin right away.

Lucas Brickman: Late 20’s – The youngest and the newest member of the writing staff. He is reserved, yet ambitious, and wants to prove himself to the other writers, whom he greatly admires. Sensible and sincere.

Milt Fields: 30’s – Considers himself to be “a wholesaler” while the other comedy writers are “Tiffany’s”. Milt is a flashy dresser, the flamboyant “gag” man. A joke a minute guy who deals in fast paced patter. Quick witted

Val Skolsky: 30’s/40’s – A senior member of the staff, the head writer. He is the most politically aware of all the writers. He emigrated from Russia when he was 12, he should still carry an accent.

Brian Doyle: 30’s, – An Irish-American with a biting sense of humor and acerbic outlook on life. He is a heavy smoker, heavy cougher and heavy drinker. He just sold a screenplay to MGM, and will be leaving the Max Prince Show to go to Hollywood.

Kenny Franks: 30’s – “Neatly dressed…He is surely the most sophisticated of the writers.” Considered the “boy genius” of the group but also the most sophisticated of the writers.

Carol Wyman: 30’s – The only woman writer on the show, she has a strong and quick defense system.

Ira Stone: 30’s/40’s – A hypochondriac, who is chronically late to work. “He is all energy with a touch of brilliant madness.” Ira
has a grudge against fellow writer, Brian. A hypochondriac who comes in late every day with a new ailment. His humor is wrapped around despair.

Max Prince: 30’s/40’s – A bigger-than-life comic actor who is the mega-star of a hugely popular television variety show “The Max Prince Show.” He cannot help but dominate a room entirely with his personality. His strength comes more from that personality than from his physique. You must watch him because he’s like a truck you can’t get out of the way of. He is quixotic, changing quickly from warm, infectious laughter to sullen anger. He is often monosyllabic, offering a word or two to convey his thoughts.

Helen: 20’s – An attractive secretary who has aspirations to become a comedy writer. Max’s secretary. Completely out of her element in the writer’s room.

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