AUDITIONS – PRELUDE TO A KISS – June 27/28 at 7pm

By Craig Lucas
Directed by Christine Crawfis

Auditions: Sunday June 27 (7pm) & Monday June 28 (7pm)

When Peter, a man from a broken family, meets Rita, an insomniac bartender with no faith in the future, only one thing can happen: they fall in love and get married. Then, on the evening of their nuptials, an elderly stranger appears at the wedding reception, bearing a kiss for the new bride. In this magical story, it is a kiss that tests the boundaries of the couple’s love.

A not-so-old fashioned love story. A whirlwind romance. A storybook wedding. A kiss for the bride that suddenly changes everything. Prelude explores the enduring power of love and the nature of commitment in this breathtaking and life-affirming comedy.

Peter (30 – 40)
Rita (30 – 40)
Taylor (30 – 40)
Tom/Jamaican Waiter (20 – 50)
Mrs. Boyle (late 50s – late 60s)
Dr. Boyle (60 – 70)
Minister (40 – 60)
Aunt Dorothy/Leah (50s – 60s)
Uncle Fred (50s – 70s)
Old Man (60 – 75)