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Theatre plays an indispensable role.

It offers the opportunity to come together, to laugh, to think, to create conversation, and to recognize ourselves in the stories of others. Great theatre and great storytelling are necessary to us as human beings — as important as oxygen. It reminds us we are a community.

For more than sixty years, County Players has provided experiences that entertain, inspire, empower and captivate. Our mission is to inspire a lifelong engagement with the performing arts and the theatre. We aspire to keep theatre alive for present and future audiences, and create memorable moments for each member of our community. 

We cannot do this on ticket sales alone.

Only 60% of our total cost is covered by subscriptions and single ticket purchases. The rest is made possible by contributions from loyal supporters, like you, who are passionate about the value of County Players.

Your generosity provides the foundation on which we stand, dream and create. Thanks for your support.

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