AUDITIONS – MS. HOLMES & MS. WATSON – APT 2B – 4/14 & 4/15 at 7pm

Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – Apt. 2B
By Kate Hamill
Adapted from the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Directed by Parker Reed

AUDITIONS: APR 14 & 15, 2024 | 7pm

Think you know your Sherlock Holmes? Kate Hamill’s fast-moving, madcap, modern reboot is a fast-paced romp that re-examines the classic adventure stories you love with a bold new female lens. Join the world’s greatest iconic crime-fighting duo as they investigate nefarious scandals and interrogate sexy villains. So much fun, it’s criminal!

Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – Apt 2B is presented through special arrangement with TRW Plays.

Sherlock Holmes (25 – 45): She’s eccentric…focused…less-than-sensitive.
She’s impatient with the common and is sometimes accused of being unfeeling.

Dr. Joan Watson (25 – 45): She’s American, recently divorced, and reflexively defensive. She’s struggling to find herself and is sometimes accused of being a loser.

Irene Adler / Mrs. Hudson / Mrs. Drebber (25 – 45)
-Irene: She’s charming, confident, witty…and she knows it. She uses it all
without mercy.
-Mrs. Hudson: She’s the long-suffering landlady.
-Mrs. Drebber: She’s seemingly an ordinary housewife, but not to be

Moriarty / Lestrade / Elliot Monk (30 – 50)
-Moriarty: He’s a master blackmailer who wears many masks. A bit sinister,
but you’d like him.
-Lestrade: He’s a new inspector at Scotland Yard. Not very imaginative.
-Elliot Monk: He’s an amoral tech billionaire from Texas.

Holmes & Watson – sides