AUDITIONS – THE HUMANS – 8/13 & 8/14 at 7pm

COVID AUDITION PROTOCOL: At this time, ALL ACTORS AND CREW MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED. BE PREPARED TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO AUDITIONS. The stage manager will provide the audition form (or you may download it from this page, print, fill it out, and bring it with you to the audition.)

SCHEDULE: Be prepared to list all possible conflicts. Rehearsal schedule will be respectful of performers’ time and conflicts. Please note, due to Covid restrictions, fully vaccinated actors planning to audition are asked to carefully consider travel out of state during rehearsals or performances.


Directed by ANDREW KARL

Sunday August 13 at 7pm
Monday August 14 at 7pm

Fri & Sat 8pm | Nov 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18
Sun Matinee 2pm | Nov 12
Sat Matinee 2pm | Nov 18


“The Humans is a gripping contemporary play containing six characters. The text should be played as realistically as possible. No need for performative gestures or “doing.” Less is more.

***All races, ethnicities, body types, and gender expressions are welcome to audition for any of the roles listed. Thank you.***

Erik: Male presenting, 61

A middle-class Irish Catholic, practical to a fault and very set in his ways; he has sacrificed a great deal over the years in order to provide a good life for his family, but his recent confession has upset the comfortable world he knows; he is trying desperately to reconnect with his wife and cling to his increasingly distant daughters.

Dierdre: Female presenting, 61

Erik’s loyal wife, a devoted mother to Brigid and Aimee; with silent strength, she clings wholeheartedly to traditions, familial duty, and the Catholic faith; the institution of marriage is sacred to her; she very much wishes her family shared this sentiment.

Momo: Female presenting, 79

Erik’s mother, grandmother to Brigid and Aimee; has been afflicted with dementia; for the most part, she remains passive and disconnected but has episodes where she becomes manic and aggressive.

Aimee: Female presenting, 34

Erik and Deirdre’s eldest daughter; both self-conscious and self-deprecating, her career as a lawyer once held great promise; now, her physical and emotional health both suffer; she is deeply, quietly sad, and in intense pain following a breakup from her long-term girlfriend.

Brigid: Female presenting, 26

The younger daughter of the Blake clan, well-meaning but often impractical and dreamy; she has recently moved in with Richard and turned her back on Catholicism, much to the chagrin of her parents; she is half-heartedly pursuing a career in music and attempting to live out her perception of a sophisticated adult lifestyle.

Richard: Male presenting, 38

A worldly-wise graduate student, Richard comes from a wealthy family and has never wanted anything; despite their age difference, he truly loves Brigid and yearns to be accepted by her family.”

Audition Sides

Brigid-Aimee-Starting with “How’s work for you?”

Deirdre-Starting with “Where’s your family, Rich?”

Erik-Richard-Starting with “Work’s good, Erik?”

Momo-All lines

Erik-Starting with “no no,…”